Additional Services
You can pay for 1 year of service by check via regular mail if you elect one or more services below.  An Invoice will automatically be sent to you.  You can request a different service time period of less than 12 months, by contacting us.
1. Live Website Link Annual Fee
  Make your website address "turn blue" and therefore be linked to our site. This will increase the traffic to your site. The charge to link your Website is $60 per year. $60
2.  Banner  Annual Fee
Sample * Add a banner (450x60 pixels) to promote your company on the website. The cost to have a banner placed on the site is $60 per year. $60
3. Company Logo Annual Fee

Sample *
Upload your logo (150x100 pixels) to website. Your logo will remain next to your listing for a fee of $60 per year. $60
4. Company Profile Page Annual Fee
Sample Display information about your company in a detailed text page that is an expansion of what you specifically provide to a tank farm facility. Your Logo and WebSite Link will be included on this page if you purchase service 1 and 3 separately. This service costs $60 per year. $60
5. Advertise Special Offers Annual Fee
Sample Advertise your company specials. You can upload images, text, or specific promotions. This service costs $120 per year. $120
6. Priority Search Annual Fee
  Raise your position when products are searched. The charge to raise your company in the listing is $120 per year. $120
*MetroStar Systems, the programming consultant for, now develops logo and banner designs for $150 dollars each.  If you need a logo or banner developed for you, click here for more information.