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  CAI Safety Systems Nationwide Fall Protection. Crossover Units. Pipe Bridges. Stairs. Handrails. Lifeline Systems. Canopies. Tank Truck & Tank Car Loading Racks. Loading Arms. Swivel Joints. Spill Containment. Gangways. Trolley Beams. Workstands  caisafety.com  909-272-6999 
  Calibron Systems, Inc. Worldwide Meter Provers. Prover. Small Volume Flow Provers. "U" Tube Meters. Straight Through Density Meters. Liquid Density Meters. Loading Rack. Measurement. ISO 9001. Meter Skids  calibron.com  480-991-3550 
  California Compressor, Inc. Nationwide Compressors. Equipment Sales. System Design. Installation. Service for Compressed Air, Gas, & Vacuum Systems. Dryers. Filters. Used Equipment. Engineering  californiacompressor.com  714-960-9560 
  Callabresi Combustion Systems, Inc. Worldwide Thermal Fluids. Asphalt Heaters. Gas Fired Process Tube Heaters  callabresi.biz  800-371-2599 
  Callidus Technologies Inc. Worldwide Vapor Control, Recovery, & Destruction Devices. Combustion. Incineration. Marine. Truck. Rail  callidus.com  918-946-7499 
  CAN USA, Inc. Worldwide Special Rope Access for API 653 & Other Inspection & NDT. Elminates Scaffold. Access Repair Projects  CAN-USA.net  800-256-3033 
  Cangzhous Shengtal Pipeline Co. Ltd. Worldwide Steel Pipe and Fittings Plus Flanges  heb315.com  (863) 173-7787 
  Capital Rubber Corp Worldwide Hose Assemblies. Rubber & PVC Hose. Metal. Expansion Joints. Valves. Couplings. Cable Cover  capitalrubbercorp.com
Carbis Inc. Worldwide Fall Protection. Crossover Units. Stairs. Handrails. Lifeline Systems. Workstands. Canopies. Tank Car & Truck Access. Emco Wheaton Loading Arms. Swivel Joints. Spill Containment. Pipe Bridges. Marine Loading Arms & Gangways. Trolley Beam Systems   carbis.net
  CC Technologies Services Inc. Worldwide Cathodic Protection Systems & Surveys. Paint & Coating Evaluations. Remaining Life, Service Fitness, Mechanical Integrity, & Failure Analysis  fitness4service.com  614-761-1214 
  CCI Pipeline Systems Worldwide U-Bolts and Pipe Support Pads for Pipe and Piping Systems. Canusa Heat Shrinkable Sleeves and Liquid Epoxy Systems. Pipeline Casin Spacers and End Seals.  ccipipe.com  281-732-9747 
  CCL Technologies worldwide Wharf Equipment. Marine Loading Arms. Gangway.  ccltech.com.cn  +86-512-58172740 
  Cebeco Pty Ltd Worldwide Tank Vents & Flame Arresters. Floating Suctions. Level Indicators. Side Entry & In Tank Mixers. Strainers, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball & Butterfly Valves. Sight Glasses, Rupture Discs, Safety Showers & Signs  www.cebeco.com.au  612-965-1422 
  CEDA International Worldwide Tank Cleaning. Chemical Cleaning. Line Freezing. Pipe Freezing. On-Line Leak Repair. Dredging & De-Watering. Dewatering. Bolting & Joint Integrity & Catalyst Services  www.cedagroup.com  281-260-5662 
  CE-Loading Systems Worldwide Loading Arms. Marine. Truck. Rail. Swivel Joints. Repair & Service  ce-loadingsystems.com  281-856-1300 
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