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  E5 Commerce East Coast E-Commerce. Internet & Web Page Programming  None  610-585-5802 
  Eagle Specialized Coatings Canada Tank Coatings. Linings. Liners. Paint. Painting.. Water Proofing, Corrosion. Concrete. Thermal Control. Fireproofing, Anti-Graffiti  eaglecoatings.net  604-576-2212 
  Earth Tech Worldwide clement.mesavage@earthtech.com  earthtech.com  (804) 515-8496 
  Earth Technology, Inc. NY, NJ, PA, & New England Tank Cleaning. Hazardous Waste Transportation. 24-Hour Spill Response. Site & Groundwater Remediation. Marine Spill Response. Boom Deployment  earthtechnology.com  203-230-2040 
  Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines Worldwide Hot Tapping Machines. Welding. Hot Work. Pipelines. Piping. Branch Line Installations. Pressurized & Ambient Liquid Applications    303-722-7379 
  ECF, Inc. Nationwide Terminal Design. Engineering. Turn Key Project Management. Welding. Pipe Fabrication. Insulation. Hot Oil. Steam & Electric Tracing. Removable Insulation Covers  ecfinc.net  314-241-8500 
  Eclipse Environmental Solutions Nationwide Waste Management. Waste Disposal. Tank Bottoms. Tank Cleaning. Waste Recycling. Pigging. Transmix.. Product Contact Water. Oil/Water Separator. Transportation. Vacuum Trucks. RCRA Hazardous Waste. Non-Haz Waste. Remediation. Groundwater. Soil  eclipseenvironmental.com  866-337-3786 
  Ed Martin and Associates, Inc. Worldwide Electronic Thermometers. Sampling & Measurement Devices. Surveryor. Oil Gauging Tapes. Tank Gauging. Dial Thermometers. Hydrometers. ASTM Testing Equipment. Closed System Tapes. Gauging Supplies  emaa.com  713-895-8188 
  Edwards Engineering Worldwide Heating & Cooling Transfer Design. Vapor Recovery. Refrigeration. VOC & Solvent Recovery. Condensation. Condensate Return. Product Recycling. Heat Exchangeres.  edwards-eng.com  800-526-5201 
  Efird Corrosion International Worldwide Corrosion Specialists. Professional Engineering Services. P.E. Corrosion Engineering. Corrosion Control. Testing & Consulting. Expert Witness for Corrosion Failure Analysis  efirdcor.com  281-296-8390 
  EGEMIN Worldwide Bulk Liquid Storage Automation. EvitaTM. Tank Inventory. Liquid Level. Valve Control. Engineering. Instrumentation. Electrical  egemin.com  (+32) 3-6411212 
  Ehrke & Co. Nationwide Terminal Automation. Heat Tracing. Valves. Regulators. Boiler Control Package  ehrke.com  440-248-9400 
  Ekotech Pty Ltd Worldwide Flame Arresters. Detonation Arresters. Detonation Flame Arresters. Pressure Vacuum Vents. Emergency Vents. Tank Fittings. Rupture Disks. PV Valves. Pressure Relief Valves. Liquid Level Gauges. Tank Guages. Level Control. Fire Protection  ekotech.com.au  03 9457 3700  
  Elmac Technologies Ltd Worldwide Flarme Arrestors. Deflagration Arresters. Inline Unstable Detonation Arrestors. Tank Breather Valves. Emergency Man Ways. Tank Blanketing Valves. Vents. Hatches. Access Man Ways and Bursting Discs. ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, PAS 99-2006 and GOST/RTN.  elmactechnologies.com  +44 1352 717600 
  Elmwood Tank & Piping Corporation N.E. USA Tank & Pipe Installation & Repair  None  716-694-0106 
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