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  FEDD Systems Inc. Worldwide Wireless Telemetry. Data Acquistion & Control. Remote Monitoiring. Level Sensors. Liquid Level. Valve Controllers. SCADA  feddsystems.com  281-821-3430 
  Ferguson Harbour Inc. Nationwide Consulting Services. Risk Management. Environmental Remediation. Emergency Response. Industrial Maintenance  None  615-822-3295  
  Fire & Pump Service Group, Inc. Worldwide Fire Foam. AFFF Foam Systems. UV. IR. Deluge Rack. Wet Sprinkler. Foam, Fire Pumps. CO2. Halon. Dry & AFFF Fixed & Portable Systems. HEF. Engineering  BroidyFire.com  301-833-1209 
  Fisher Industries, Inc. Worldwide API-610 Vertical Pumps. Firewater Pumps. Vapor Compression Pumps  fisherpump.com  713-937-6838 
  Flexible Lifeline Systems Worldwide Fall Protection. Turnkey. Loading Racks. Tank Car Rack. Tank Truck Rack. Pipe Rack. Stanchion. PPE. Vertical & Horizontal Lifelines. Tank Roof Anchors. Ladder Access. Platforms. Lanyards. OSHA. Training. Certification. Fabrication. Installation. Service  fall-arrest.com  281-448-8821 
  Flexible Valve Corporation Worldwide Pinch Valves. Isolation Valves. Slurry Valves. Rubber Expansion Joints. Valve Accessories. Sleeves. Actuators  flexible-valve.com  800- 233-6294 
  Flexicraft Industries Worldwide Flexible Connectors. Expansion Joints. Rubber Expansion Joints. Metal Expansion Joints. Braided Hose. Hydraulic Surge Suppressors. Thermal Expansion Compensators  flexicraft.com  800- 533-1024 
  Flow International Worldwide Tank Cleaning. Surface Preparation. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting. Water Jet. Ultra High Pressure Waterjet. Water Blasting. Coating Removal. Lining Removal. Pipeline Flushing. High Pressure  flowcorp.com  800-446-3569 
  Flow Source Worldwide Flow Measurement. Orifice Plates. Pipeline Spacers & Blind Flanges. Meter. Other Plate Products. Safety Sleeves  flow-source.com  979-826-8480 
  Flowsafe, Inc. Nationwide Safety Valves. Relief Valves. Pressure Valves. Flow Whistle Valves. ASME Relief Valves. Cryogenic Valves  flowsafe.com  716-662-2585 
  FMC Measurement Solutions Worldwide PD Meters, Coriolis Flow, Turbine, MV Turbine, & Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Flow Computer. Gas Orifice Fittings  fmcmeasurementsolutions.com  814-898-5000 
  FMC Technologies, Inc. Worldwide Loading Arms. Swivel Joints. Piggable Systems  fmcenergysystems.com  713-510-6930 
  Forrest Services Gulf Coast Blasting. Linings. Coatings    281-471-6107 
  Franklen Equipment, Inc. Nationwide Tank Gauging. Liquid Level. Tank Gauge. Inventory Control. Flow Meters. Loading Arms. Calibration. AuditMeter Calibration. Audits. Blending. Additives. Injectors. Pig. Pigs. Pigging  franklen.com  815-727-9600 
  Freedom Plastics, Inc. Worldwide PVC Pipe. PVC Fittings. Fabricated. Filtration Equipment  freedomplastics.com  608-754-2710 
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