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  I.D.E.A Pvt. Ltd., Worldwide Engineering Services. Design. Details. Architecture. Development. Civil. Mechanical. Electrical. Structural  idea-aee.in  + 91 44 2823 5829 
  Ice Experts Worldwide Fixed Heater Pigging. Pigs. Safety Pig. HydroTesting Heater Coils  iceexperts.com  403-215-0730 
  ICI Devoe Coatings Worldwide Tank Linings. Tank Coatings. Paint. Painting. High Performance Tank Floor Lining. Epoxy. Pipe Coatings. Corrosion Protection  devoecoatings.com  800-650-0861 
  ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc. Worldwide Tank Thermometers. Digital. Teflon. Hydrometers. Gauging Tapes. Gauging Bobs. Petroleum Samplers. Thiefs. Gauging Paste. LufkinTM. Calibration Services  icllabs.com  800-713-6647 
  Iconet Services Nationwide Wireless Two Way Walkie Talkies. Base / Mobile Radios. Service. Supplies Including Accessories  iconetwireless.com  044-8530093 
  Imerge Soutions Nationwide Fire Detection & Suppression System. CCTV & Access Control System. Closed Circuit TV.  imergesolution.com  (913) 324-1865 
  IMI Amal Worldwide Vent Flame & In-Line Detonation & Deflagration Arresters. Breather Valves  imiamal.co.uk  0121 356 2000 
  IMI Marston Ltd. Worldwide Rupture Disks  imimarston.com.uk  +44 1902 623554 
  Imo Pump Worldwide Pumps. PD Pumps. Gear Pumps. Screw Pumps. 3-Screw Pumps. Fuel Oil Pumps. Bunkering Pumps. Centrifugal Pumps  imo-pump.com  704-289-6511 
  IMS Environmental Services Regional Tank Cleaning. UST. AST. Tank Demolition. Closure Reports. Pipeline Pigging. Pigs. Pipe Testing. Spill Response & Cleanup  imsenv.com  757-543-5718 
  INCON Worldwide Tank Inventory Control. Liquid Level. Tank Alarms. Delivery & Fuel Management Reports. Remote Monitoring. Real Time AST Data Access  www.incon.com  800-872-3455 
  Indelco Plastics Corporation Upper Midwest Plastic Tanks. Valves. Level Controls. Flow Meters. Containment Systems. FRP Ladders. Handrail & Grating. Piping & Pumps   indelco.com  952-925-5075 
  Indian Metal & Alloys Industries Worldwide Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals in All Shapes and Sizes  indianmetalnalloys.com  - 91-22- 2346 1917 
  Indiana Gratings Pvt. Ltd. Worldwide Electroforged Floor Gratings. Steel Floor Gratings. FRP Gratings. Stair Treads. Platform. Cable Trays (Perforated & Ladder Type). FRP Cable Travs  indianagroup.com  912-228-5047 
  Indumar Products Worldwide Pipe Repair Products. Fusion Tape. Pipe Epoxy. Emergency Leak Repair. Pipe Repair Clamp  indumar.com  800-523-7867 
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