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K-TEK, LLC Worldwide Liquid Level. Tank Gauge. Level Gauge. Gauging. Transmitters. Inventory Controls. Magnetostrictive. Ultrasonic. Guided Wave Radar. Laser. Thermal Dispersion. Liquid Tuning Fork. High Level Alarms  ktekcorp.com
  K2M Mobile Treatment Services, Inc. Worldwide Tank Degassing. Tank Cleaning Vapor Control. Mobile Units. Wastewater Treatment. Groundwater Remediation. Thermal Oxidizers. VRU. VRS. Odor Control. Barge & Ship Loading Emissions. Pipeline Purging  k2mmobile.com  562-495-2966 
  KAM CONTROLS, INC. Worldwide Lab & Sampling Equipment. Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer. Static Mixing Plate & Unit. Isokinetic Automatic Sampler & Controller  www.kamcontrols.com  713-784-0000 
  KAR ENGINEERING Worldwide API 653 Tank Inspection. SPCC Plans. DPCC Plans. Vapor Controls. Permitting. Site Assessments. Title V. Engineering. Mechanical. Electrical. Controls. Environmental  www.kar.org  908-722-2882 
  KEDIA STEELS world wide Plates. HR Sheets. CR Sheets. Sheets (Plain & Corrugated). Angles. Joists. Channels. Beams. Rounds. TOR. GI Steels. TMT. Rail . Crane Rail. Wire Rod.  kediasteels.com  +91 - 98274-03533 
  Kenco Engineering Company Worldwide Tank Level Gauges. Tank Gauge. Liquid Level. Sight Flow Indicators. Oil Level  kenco-eng.com  918-663-4406 
  KENIL INTERNATIONAL Worldwide Valves. Tools. Industrial Equpment. Hydrualic Equipment. Cutting Tools  http://www.nuclearmarket.com/Suppliers/details2.cfm?IDcompany=2801  00917925398720 
  Kennedy Coatings Company, Inc. Worldwide Tank Linings. Tank Coatings. Secondary Containment. Coating Installation. Protective Liners. Linings. Epoxy. Fiberglass. Painting. Paint. Corrosion  thebluebook.com  201-438-1111 
  Kenny Manta Industrial Services (aka Kenny Industrial) Nationwide Tank Linings. Tank Coatings. Tank Cleaning & Blasting. Lead Abatement. Fireproofing. Insulation. Corrosion. Paint. Painting  kennyis.com  312-645-9000 
  Kentmeter.com worldwide Oil Meters. Kent Oil & Water Meters. Turbine Meters. Stainless Steel Meters. PD Oil Meters  kentmeter.com  201-487-7444 
  Key Fire Hose Corporation Worldwide Fire Hose Sales. Rubber Covered Hoses  keyfire.com  800-447-5666 
  Kirby Logistics Management Nationwide Contract Manpower Services. Contract Labor. Rail Car Loaders. Tank Truck Loaders. Dock Operators. Shore Tankermen Services. Gauging. Surveying. Experience in all Bulk Liquids  kirbycorp.com  713-435-1964 
  KITZ Corporation of America Worldwide Gate Valves. Globe Valves. Check Check. Ball Valves  kitz.com  281-491-7333 
  KLAD L.L.P. Worldwide Weld Overlaid Pipe. Clad Pipe. Piping. Fittings. Flanges. Seamless Pipe. ASME U. Sprools. Nozzels  clad.com  713-433-5544 
  KM Industrial, Inc. Nationwide Abrasive Blast Cleaning. Chemical Cleaning. Hyroblast Cleaning. Coatings. Linings. Secondary Containment Coatings and Sealers.  k2industrial.com  562-786-6200 
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