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Paratherm Corporation
Company Profile
Worldwide Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermal Fluids. Hot Oils. Non-Fouling, Non-Toxic. Sludge-Resistant. Molasses. Product Heating. Palm Oil. Sulfur. Crude Oil. Engineering. Design. Heat Transfer   paratherm.com
Special Offer
  PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company L.P. Worldwide Petroleum Testing & Analysis Equipment for Fuel Composition, Flash Point, Color, Density, & Various Other Standardized Tests. Lab. Laboratory  paclp.com  713-590-7260 
  Pacific Northern Industrial, Inc. Pacific Northwest Pipe. Piping. Process Piping. Tanks. Vessels. Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection. Shop Fabrication. Mechanical Installation. Millwright Services  teampni.com  541-928-6950 
  Panametrics, Inc. (aka GE Panametrics) Worldwide Oxygen Analyzers. Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Flow Meter. Moisture Analyzers. Oxygen Analyzers  panametrics.com  800-388-2096 
  PCA Engineering, Inc. Worldwide Cathodic Protection Engineering. Corrosion Evaluation. API 653 Inspection. Tank Inspection. 570 Inspection. Engineering. NDT. Internal Video  cpbypca.com  973-616-4501 
  PENN PRO Engineering & Technical Services Nationwide Piping. Loading Racks & Terminal Modifications. Design. Engineering. Construction Management. CAD. Hydraulic Analysis  pennpro.net  863-648-9990 
  Perfect Services Madras Nationwide Flanges. Fittings. Pipes. Gaskets  None  091-044-5232500 
  Petrex, Inc. Worldwide Internal Floating Roofs. Tank Seals. External Roofs. Honeycomb. IFR. EFR. Oil Water Separators. Covers. Floating Roof Repairs. Seal Upgrades  Petrex.net  814-723-2050 
  PetroChem Inspection Services, Inc. Worldwide Tank Inspection. API 653 Inspection. Tank Inspection. NDT. Ultrasonic. Magnetic. API 510. API 570. CWI  petrochemintl.com  713-926-9936 
  Petrochem Insulation, Inc. Nationwide Tank Insulation. Tank Coatings. Tank Linings. Corrosion. Paint. Painting. Heat Tracing  petrocheminc.com  801-288-1156 
  Petrochemical Services, Inc. Nationwide Tank Cleaning. Waste Processing. Robotics. Waste Minimization. Solidification. Sludge Removal. Hydroblasting. Ship & Barge Cleaning. Chemical Circulation  petrosvs.com  504-947-7825 
  Petrodek Systems Worldwide Floating Roof Tank Seals. IFR. EFR. Internal Floating Roof Seals. External Floating Roof Seals. Wipers  None  912-226-3533 
  PetroDirect.com Worldwide Tank Accessories. AST. UST. Loading Arms. Racks. Meters. Level Monitoring. Inventory Control. Transfer Pumps & Dispensers. Hoses. Nozzles. Filters. Piping. Reels. Metering Guns.  PetroDirect.com  (888) 248-9000 
  Petrogas Envionmental Systems Worldwide Vapor Recovery Units. Gas/Chemical Processing  petrogas.com  979-849-1206 
  Petroleum Measurement Equipment Co. Worldwide Petroleum Measurement. Loading Rack Design. Skids. Terminal Consulting. Field Services. Terminal Automation. Turnkey Terminal & Rack Services. Additive Injection Systems. Consulting. Auditing  petroleummeasurement.com  770-844-7043 
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