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Gauging Systems, Inc. (GSI)
Company Profile
Worldwide Level Gauge. Liquid Level. Tank Gauge. Inventory Controls. Gauging. High Level Alarms. Mass & Radar Gauges. Wireless. Custody Transfer. Automation. Leak Detection & Overfill Protection  gaugingsystemsinc.com
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Green Manufacturing, Inc.
Company Profile
Worldwide Dike Crossovers. Walkways. Bridges. Platforms. Stairs. Ladder Cages. Gangways. Safety & Fall Protection. Lanyards. Harnesses. Confined Space. Lifeline Retrieval. Fabrication. Loading Racks & Arms  green-mfg.com
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  G.C. Zarnas & Co. Inc. Worldwide Industrial/Commecial Paint Projects. Special Coatings. Applications: Fireproofing. Sandblasting. Waterblasting. Lead Abatement. Tank Linings. Epoxy Floor Coatings. Polyurea Floor Coatings.  gczarnas.com  (610) 866-0923 
  Garlock Sealing Technologies Worldwide Gaskets. Pump and Valve Packings. Expansion Joints. Bearing Isolators. Seals  garlock.com  800-331-8274 
  Garrettcom India Pvt. Ltd. Worldwide Ethernet Switches. Routers and Terminal Servers. Media Converters. Serial Communications. Cyber Security.   garrettcom.co.in  +91-11-46601398 
  Gary Steel/Division Of Primary Steel Nationwide Steel Plate. Pipe. Piping. Wholesale Supplier. First Stage Fabrication  primarysteel.com  800-862-8479 
  Gas Equipment Company North America Refined Fuel, LPG, NH3, & Chemical Product Pumps, Compressors, Loading Racks & Arms, Valves, & Flow Meters. Blackmer. Corken. Emco Wheaton. Custody Transfer & Control  GasEquipment.com  (800) 334-7816 
  Gencor Industries Inc. (aka General Combustion Corp.) Worldwide Tank Manufacturer. Hot Oil Heaters. Heat Tracing  gencor.com  407-290-6000 
  General Coatings inc. Worldwide Polyurethane Foam Insulation. Spray Applied. Tank Coatings. Tank Insulation. Tank Foam. Tank Roof Coatings. Paint. Painting  generalcoatings.net  877-233-6300 
  General Container Corp. Worldwide Stainless Steel Drums. Fiber Drums., Steel Drums. Overpack Drums. Secondary Containment Drums. Totes. Boxes  generalcontainer.com  732-435-0020 
  General Corrosion Nationwide Corrosion Services. Corrosion Protection  None  612-559-5059 
  General Rubber Corporation Worldwide Rubber Expansion Joints. Rubber Flex Connectors. Rubber Pipe. Rubber Pump Connectors. Pinch Valves  general-rubber.com  800-233-6294 
  General Valve Company Worldwide Valves. Piping. Double Block & Bleed Valves, High Integrity Positive Shut-Off Va;lves. Meter Stations. Custody Transfer. Twin-Seal. 4-Way. Service. Seat. Reseat  general-valve.com  281-934-6013 
  Geomatrix Consultants, Inc. Nationwide Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering. Environmental, Health, & Safety Consulting. EH&S.; Foundation Engineering. Earthquake Preparation Services  geomatrix.com  510-663-4100 
  Geomembrane Technologies Inc. Worldwide Tank Covers. Odor Control. Structured & Floating Covers for Industrial Tanks, Basins, Lagoons & Reservoirs  gti.ca  506-452-7304 
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