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HMT, Inc. (aka HMT Inspection)
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Worldwide Tank Erection. Tank Repair. Tank Construction. AST Repairs. Tanks. Floating Roofs & Suctions. IFR. EFR. Aluminum, Stainless & Carbon Steel. API 653 Tank Inspection. API 650, 620, 510, & 570 Repairs. Engineering. Fire Fighting Foam Delivery Systems  hmttank.com
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HPF Inc. Worldwide Loading Racks. Marine Gangways. Self Level Stairs. Fall Protection. Jacketed Hose. Swivel Joints. Dry Disconnect Couplings. Breakaway Couplings. Overfill Protection. Grounding Devices. Track Pans. Floating Suctions. Floating Roof Drains  hpflap.com
  H.A. Thompson, Inc. Pacific. N.W., Alaska, Hawaii Tank Cleaning. Pressure Washing. Steam Cleaning. Other Equipment  hathompson.com  800-275-6706 
  Hagen Engineering International, Inc. Worldwide Engineering. Design. Consulting. API 653 Tank Repair Evaluations. API 620. UL-142. Cost Estimation. P.E. Seminars. CEUs. Steel Plate Structures  hagenengineering.com  651-686-5686 
  Hahn and Clay Worldwide Tank Erection. Fabrication. Repairs. Repairs. Maintain Tanks. Maintenance of Tanks, Vessels, Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors, & Pipelines. Presssure Vessels   hahnclay.com  713-980-1321 
  Han-Padron Associates, LLP Worldwide Engineering, Planning, Construction, & Management. Marine Facility Design  han-padron.com  212-736-5466 
  HAWA VALVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD. WORLDWIDE API Valves. BS Valves. DIN Valves. Cryogenic Valves. Other Valves.  hawavalves.com  +91 22 6776 0000  
  Hazleton Oil & Environmental Inc. Pa. & NY Removal of Waste Oil. Oil/Water Separator Cleaning. Pipline Pigging. Antifreeze. Oil Filters. Sludge Oil. Contaminated Soil. Fuel Oil. Hazardous Waste. Lab Packs. Vacuum Tanker Service. Tank Cleaning. Floor Drains. Emergency Response   hazletonoil.com  570-454-3464 
  HEMCO Industries, Inc. Worldwide Loading Racks. Pre-Engineered & Packaged. Tank Truck Racks. Rail Tank Car Racks. Loading Arms. Hose Arms. Access Ramps & Gangways. Fall Protection  hemcoind.com  713-681-2426 
  Hensler Communications Global Nationwide 2-Way Radios. Two Way Radio.  www.wholesaleminesupply.com  (724) 296-8054 
  Hermetic, Inc. Nationwide Liquid Level. Level Gauge. Automatic Level Gauging. Gauges. Portable Sampling Equipment. Repair. Inventory Monitoring  hermeticinc.com  800-900-1778 
  Highland Environmental Solutions, Inc. Southeast and Mid Atlantic US Environmental Consulting. Phase 1. Phase 2. Environmental Site Assessment. ESA. UST. AST. Tanks. Closure. Spill Response. Disaster Response. Emergency Spill Response Management. Remediation.  highlandsenvironmental.com  (919) 848-3155 
  HIGHLAND TANK Worldwide Pre-Manufactured Tanks. API 650. UL58. UL142. UL2085. UL2081. Oil/Water Separators. , Wastewater. UL1746. UL80. ASME Section VIII. Oil Filtration Systems  HighlandTank.com  717-664-0600 
  HINODE technologies (P) Limited Worldwide Computer Aided Engineering. Design Work. 2D Drawing. Solid Modeling. Finite Element Analysis - Stress/Strain. CFD. Noise. Vibration. Thermal. Multi Body Dynamics. Control Simulation  hinodeindia.com  0091-11-29216596/97 
  Holloway Welding & Piping Worldwide Tank Erection. API 650. 620. Tank Repair. Repairs. Automation. API 653 Inspection. Rack Additive Systems. Vapor Recovery. Secondary Containment. Piping Systems. Pipes & Skids. Mechanical  thebluebook.com  972-562-5033 
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