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International Tank Service Inc.
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Nationwide Tank Construction. Tank Erection. Tanks. Design. Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs). API 650. 620. Repair. Repairs. API 653 Inspection. Floating Roofs. Drains. Moving. Leveling. Lining. Insulation. IFR. Rings. Bottoms. EFR. Jacking. Demolition.   itstank.com
Special Offer
  I.D.E.A Pvt. Ltd., Worldwide Engineering Services. Design. Details. Architecture. Development. Civil. Mechanical. Electrical. Structural  idea-aee.in  + 91 44 2823 5829 
  Ice Experts Worldwide Fixed Heater Pigging. Pigs. Safety Pig. HydroTesting Heater Coils  iceexperts.com  403-215-0730 
  ICI Devoe Coatings Worldwide Tank Linings. Tank Coatings. Paint. Painting. High Performance Tank Floor Lining. Epoxy. Pipe Coatings. Corrosion Protection  devoecoatings.com  800-650-0861 
  ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc. Worldwide Tank Thermometers. Digital. Teflon. Hydrometers. Gauging Tapes. Gauging Bobs. Petroleum Samplers. Thiefs. Gauging Paste. LufkinTM. Calibration Services  icllabs.com  800-713-6647 
  Iconet Services Nationwide Wireless Two Way Walkie Talkies. Base / Mobile Radios. Service. Supplies Including Accessories  iconetwireless.com  044-8530093 
  Imerge Soutions Nationwide Fire Detection & Suppression System. CCTV & Access Control System. Closed Circuit TV.  imergesolution.com  (913) 324-1865 
  IMI Amal Worldwide Vent Flame & In-Line Detonation & Deflagration Arresters. Breather Valves  imiamal.co.uk  0121 356 2000 
  IMI Marston Ltd. Worldwide Rupture Disks  imimarston.com.uk  +44 1902 623554 
  Imo Pump Worldwide Pumps. PD Pumps. Gear Pumps. Screw Pumps. 3-Screw Pumps. Fuel Oil Pumps. Bunkering Pumps. Centrifugal Pumps  imo-pump.com  704-289-6511 
  IMS Environmental Services Regional Tank Cleaning. UST. AST. Tank Demolition. Closure Reports. Pipeline Pigging. Pigs. Pipe Testing. Spill Response & Cleanup  imsenv.com  757-543-5718 
  INCON Worldwide Tank Inventory Control. Liquid Level. Tank Alarms. Delivery & Fuel Management Reports. Remote Monitoring. Real Time AST Data Access  www.incon.com  800-872-3455 
  Indelco Plastics Corporation Upper Midwest Plastic Tanks. Valves. Level Controls. Flow Meters. Containment Systems. FRP Ladders. Handrail & Grating. Piping & Pumps   indelco.com  952-925-5075 
  INDIA ELECTRICALS SYNDICATE INDIA Cable Tray and Earthing Materials  cabletray.net  91 33 2235 4047 
  Indumar Products Worldwide Pipe Repair Products. Fusion Tape. Pipe Epoxy. Emergency Leak Repair. Pipe Repair Clamp  indumar.com  800-523-7867 
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