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  L & J Technologies Worldwide Gauging. Liquid Level. Level Gauge. Tank Gauge. Inventory Software. Alarms, Leak Detection. Actuators. Oxidizers. Relief Valves. Vents. Flame. &. Detonaton Arrestors. Solids Measurement. Automation  ljtechnologies.com  708-236-6000 
  L&M; TankServ Worldwide Storage Tank Equipment. Tank Primary & Secondary Seals. Internal & External Floating Roof. IFR. EFR. Roof Drain Systems for EFR. Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof. Aluminum IFR.  landandmarine.com  ++ 44 1899830542 
  L.B.KNITWEAR Worldwide Boiler Suits. Lab Coat. Arm Sleeves. Skull Cap. Hand Gloves. Shoe Covers. Disposable Garments. Chemical Resisteant Garments. Wind Socks. Uniforms. Gowns. Masks. Caps. Shoe Covers.  elbee.com  +45 6612 0711  
  Labpacks Unlimited, Inc. Nationwide Tank Cleaning; Demolition  labpacksunlimited.net  (440) 930-0016 
  Lake Charles Rubber and Gasket Company Worldwide Loading Arms. Hose Couplers. Hoses. Gaskets. Seals. Flow Indicators. Expansion Joints. O-Rings. Valves. PPE. Dock Fenders. Packings. Rubber. Teflon. Metal  lakecharlesrubber.com  337-433-1003 
  Land and Marine TankServ Worldwide Tank Rim Gap Seals for External Floating Roof Tanks. Primary and Secondary Seals. Roof Drains. Floating Suction Units for Internal Floating Roof Tanks. IFR. EFR. Aluminum Pontoons. Geodesic Domes.Heating Coils. Fittings. Vents. Engineering.  landandmarine.com  + 44 (0)151 641 5600 
  Landmark Fabrication US and Canada Comparison of Welded Steel Tank Design Standards  landmarksteelfabrication.com  (817) 230-8857 
  Lanier & Associates Worldwide Marine Terminal Engineering. Design & Planning. Consulting Engineers. P.E. Permitting. Vapor Recovery. Surveying  lanier-engineers.com  504-895-0368 
  Leistritz Corporation North America Screw Pumps. Recirculation. Asphalt, Naphtha, & Heavy Product Applications  leistritzcorp.com/pumps/  201-934-8262 
  Lianyungang Zhenxing (Group) Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. China Internal Floating Roofs. IFR., Top and Bottom Loading Arms. Marine Loading Arms. Quick Release Mooring Hooks. Platforms. Folding Ladder.  zxpeco.com  86-518-85515779;H.P.:86 13675209557  
  Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. Worldwide Lightning Prevention Systems. Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA). Grounding Electrodes. Surge Protection. Engineering. Data Line & Telephone Protection  lightningeliminators.com  303-447-2828 
  Lightning Master Corporateion Global Lighting Protection. Static Ignition Prevention. Site Survey and Evaluation. Bonding and Grounding. Surge Protection. MC In-Tank Static Dissipation  lightningmaster.com  (800) 749-6800 
  Limeco Inc. Nationwide New & Reconditioned Meters. Valves. Presets. Strainers  None  606-324-7721 
  Liquid Controls, LLC Worldwide Flow Meters. Electronic Register. Preset Counters. Valves. Air Eliminators. Mass Flow Meters. Turbine Meters. Magnetic & PD Meters. Strainers  lcmeter.com  847-295-1050 
  Liquid Handling Equipment SC, NC, TN, VA Tanks & Pumps. Centrifugal Pumps. Turbine Pumps. Small Stanless Steel Tanks. Tank Level Gauge. Flow Meters. Couplings  liquidhandlingequip.com  704-399-8700 
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