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Midstream Farm, LLC Nationwide SPCC & OPA Plans. Permits. NPDES. CERCLA. SARA  usaclem.com
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  M & P Sealing Company, Inc. Worldwide Gaskets. Seals. Packings. Plastic Machining  mp-sealing.com  800-351-0026 
  M S Benbow & Associates Worldwide Design. Engineering. Construction Management. P.E. Services. PSM. 2-Way Radio System Design. Piping System Design. Inspection. Electrical. Civil. Mechanical  msbenbow.com  773-523-7000 
  M/s. Makharia Rubber & Fibre Products Worldwide Linings. Rubber Hose. Gaskets. Expansion Joints. Composite Hoses. Metal Hoses. Teflon Hoses. PVC Linings. Pump & Valves Packings  capitalrubber.com  911-292-2311 
  MacGregor-Criner Energy Svc Worldwide API 653 Inspection. Tank Inspection. NDT. Ultrasonic. Magnetic. 510. 570  macgregorcriner.com  713-522-1310 
  Madras Engineering Works Worldwide Hollow Forging. Butt Welding. Socket Welding. Threaded Pipe Fittings. Tubular Steel. Pipe. Piping. Machinging. Heat Treatment  madrasengineeringworks.com  91- 22- 2386 7256 
  Maharashtra Bolt Nut Company Worldwide Bolts. Nuts. Washers. Steam Valves. Audco Valves. Rivets  mbnc.co.in  912-223-4385 
  Mainland Bolt & Supply Company Nationwide Fasteners. Screws. Bolts. Nuts  mainlandbolt.com  800-301-2658 
  Maintenance Engineering, Ltd. Nationwide Lighting. Light Bulbs. Fluorescents. Incandescents. HIDs.  me-dtc.com and xtrabrite.com  814-251-4571 
  MAKALI ENGINEERING CORPORATION Worldwide Valves. Sluice/Penstock Gate. Dismantling Joint. Iron Valves. Pressure Vessels.  mecvalve.com  +(91)-(33)-26516610 
  Maple Grove Enterprises Eastern U.S. Secondary Containment. Dikes. Berms. Welding. Pipe Fitting. Concrete Work. Maintenance.  maplegroveenterprises.com  (585) 492-3340 
  Marking Service Inc. Nationwide Pipe Tags. I.D. Tags. Equipment Markers. Legends. Direction Signs. OSHA Compliance. PSM. Mechanical Drawing  markserv.com  414-973-1331 
  Mass Technology Corporation Worldwide API 653 Inspection. Leak Detection Services. NDT. Tank Inspection. Mass Measurement. Third Party Certification  masstechnology.net  610-275-6146 
  Matrix Service Company (aka Matrix Service, Inc.) Nationwide Tank Construction. Tank Erection. Tank Repair. Repairs. Maintenance. API 650. 620. API 653 Inspection. Loading Rack Construction. Vapor Recovery Repair. Leak Detection. Piping & Mechanical Construction.  matrixservice.com  918-838-8822 
  Matrix Service Inc. - Northern California Northwest US API 650 Tank Design. Tank Construction. API 620. Tank Erection. API 653 Tank Inspection. Tank Repairs, Modifications, Maintenance. Environmental. Primary and Secondary Seals. IFR. EFR. Leak Detection. HDPE Liner. Vapor Recovery Repair.  matrixservice.com  (707) 362-2103 
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