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  Takeda works Co.Ltd. Worldwide Loading Arms. Rotary Joints. Swivel Joints.  takeda-works.co.jp/indexe.htm  810-339-1435 
  Tampa Tank, Inc. Worldwide Tank Erection. Fabrication. Construction. Repair. Repairs. 650. 620. API 653 Inspection  tampatank.com  813-623-2675 
  Tank Construction & Service Company Worldwide Tank Erection. Tank Repair. Repairs. Tank Roofs. Tank Seals. API 653 Inspecion. Loading Racks. Additive Injection. Blending. Hot Taps  tmrgroup.net/TCS.HTM  317-769-3400 
  Tank Consultants, Inc. Nationwide API-653 Tank Inspection. MFE Floorscanning. Vacuum Box. Helium Leak Test. Ultrasonics. Magnetic Particle. Fracture Mechanics. Finite Element Analysis. Project Management Engineering. Surveys. Environmental Evaluations  tank-consultants.com  918-583-3968 
  Tank Gauging Systems Corp. Worldwide Mechanical Liquid Level Gauges & Gauging Systems Able to Withstand Harsh Environmental & Weather Conditions. Relay Alarm Set Points. Pneumatic and/or Electronic Outputs   tankgaugingsys.com  (780) 474-2365 
  Tank Services, Inc. Nationwide Tank Lining. Tank Coatings. Painting. Paint. Sandblasting, & Secondary Containment Work. Corrosion  www.tankservices.com  330-479-9267 
  Tank Works Worldwide IFR. EFR. Internal Floating Roof Tank. External Floating Roof Tank. Roof Seals. Drain System. Floating Oil Skimmer and Suction System. Aluminum Done Roof  tankworks.co.kr  82-31-319-4765 
  Tankbank.info Worldwide Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Portal. Internet. Over 400 Storage Terminals Worldwide. Market Information. Marketing and Commercial Support. Online Facility Data  tankbank.info  01472 504439 
  TankTech Asia Private Ltd Worldwide Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs. IFR. Dome. Pontoon. API 650, Appendix H. Fabricate. Manufacture. Supply. Air Pollution Control. Wiper Seals. Float Gauge Well Covers. Roof Drains. Anti-Rotation. Column Negotiators  tanktechasia.com  91 44 28151581 
  TATA Honeywell Limited Worldwide Terminal Automation. Pipeline SCADA & Instrumentation. Software. Project Management. Engineering. Product Transfer Control Solutions. Loading Rack Automation  tatahoneywell.com  919-822-3791 
  TCIE Worldwide Tank Inspection; Magnetic Flux Exclusion (MFE); Tank Floorscanner Sales  tank-consultants.com  918-583-3968 
  TCMS Nationwide AST & Vessel Repair; Design and Construction  tank-consultants.com  918-583-3969 
  Team Industrial Services, Ind. Worldwide In-Service Leak Sealing; Emissions Control & Monitoring  teamindustrialservices.com  800-662-8326 
  TechCorr C.A. Worldwide API 653 Tank Inspection. Tank Floor Scanner Inspection. Tank Wall UT Crawler Inspection  techcorr.com  (713) 828-1318 
  Technical Response Planning Worldwide Spill & Emergency Response Plans, OPA Manuals, Training, Exercises, SPCC Plans  trpcorp.com  281-955-9600 
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