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  U S, Incorporated Nationwide Tank Cleaning. Barge Cleaning. Vessel Cleaning. Waste Disposal. Transportation. Vacuum Trucks. Bilge Water Disposal. Hazardous Waste Disposal. 24-Hour Emergency Response. Site Remediation. Groundwater, Asbestos, & Lead Abatement  usial.com  251-432-0775 
  U.N.I. Engineering, Inc. Worldwide Engineering. Design. Terminal & Tank Farm Upgrades. Racks. Manifolds. API 653 Tank Inspection. CAD. Meter Stations. Dock Design. Pipe Analysis. Vapor Recovery Systems. Secondary Containment Evaluations. Professional Engineering Services. Permeability Stu  UNI-Engineering.com  609-448-4633 
  U.S. Tank Protectors Worldwide Cathodic Protection. Corrosion Control Engineering Services. Impressed Current Systems. Anodes. Rectifiers. Electrodes. Surveys. Cables  ustankprotectors.com  630-719-9754 
  U.S.B.S.I. Nationwide Confined Space Repairs. On-Line, High Temp/Temperature Hostile Environment Repairs  usbsi.com  800-824-8727 
  UCISCO, Inc. Nationwide Helium Leak Detection; Nitrogen Pumping/Purging  praxair.com  281-872-2188 
  Uehling Instrument Company. Worldwide Liquid Level Gauges; Gauging. High/Low Alarms. Float, Ultrasonic & Pressure Switches. NEMA 4 & 7 Enclosures. Manometers & Barometers  uehling.com  (973) 742-8710 
  UHP Projects, Inc. Nationwide Tank Coatings. Tank Linings. Surface Prep. Preparation. High Pressure Water Jetting. Paint. Linings. Tank Cleaning Waste Containment. Lead Abatement. Corrosion. Paint. Painting  uhpprojects.com  757-926-1890 
  Ultra Check, Inc. Nationwide Guide Pole Emission Control Systems  ultracheck.com  904-270-2709 
  Ultraflote Corporation Worldwide Internal Floating Roofs, IFR. Geodesic Domes, Flat Panel Covers, & Seals. Design. Installation. Manufacturer  ultraflote.com  (713) 461-2100 
  UltraTech International, Inc. Worldwide Tank, Drum, Truck, and Railcar Secondary Containment  spillcontainment.com  800-353-1611 
  Uni-Chem (see Novaflex Industries) Worldwide Composite Hose & Dry Break Self-Sealing Couplings. Breakaway Couplings  u-nova.com  856-768-2275 
  UniPure Corporation Worldwide Desulfurization of Fuels. Emulsion Breaking. Sulfur Removal. Heavy Oil Upgrading  unipure.com  713-850-7215 
  Unistrut ManSafe Fall Protection Worldwide Fall Arrest Systems for Workers at Height. Lif Line. Rail Car. Tank Car. Tank Truck, Pipe Rack. Pipeline Manifold Rack. Rack Roofs. Dock Manifold. Canopies. Rack Canopy. Ladders. Dike Ladder. Berm. Specialty Applcations  unistrutconstruction.com  (905) 683-8131 
  United Tank Services, Inc. Nationwide Tank Cleaning. Dock Dredging. Dewatering. Chemical Cleaning. Waste Disposal. RCRA. Hazardous Waste. Transporter. Transportation. Methanol and Other Colorless Liquid Cleaning  unitedtankservices.com  281- 226-3303 
  United Tank Technology (See Also HMT) Worldwide Aluminum Floating Roofs. IFRs. Wipers. Shoes. Seals. Retrofits. Repair. Floating Suctions  unitedtanktechnology.com  201-343-8484 
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