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  VACONO Worldwide Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel Domes. Internal & External Floating Roofs. IFR. EFR. Vapor Recovery Systems  vacono.com  (310) 377-4445 
  VALTECH INDUSTRIES Worldwide Gate Valves. Globe Valves. Check Valves. Jacketed Valves. Changeover Valves.  valtechindustries.com  91-22-2857 5402 
  Valvcon Corporation Worldwide Electric Actuators for Valves and Dampers  valvcon.com  603-249-9020 
  Valve Concepts, Inc. Worldwide Pilot Operated Tank Blanketing & Manifold Systems Plus Vent Flares. Valves & Relieving Systems  valveconcepts.com  713-271-7171 
  Valvemart Worldwide Relief Valves, Safety Valves  valvemart.com  No Telephone # 
  Van Leer Flexibles Worldwide Valeron Strength Film  valeron.com  713-462-6111 
  Vapor Power International (aka Iron Fireman) Worldwide Thermal Fluid Heaters & Packaged Steam Generators. Hot Oil Applications. Thermal Fluids. Burners  vaporpower.com  888-874-9020 
  Varec Vapor Control Inc. Worldwide Vents; Flame Arresters, Regulators  varecbiogas.com  714-575-9201 
Varec, Inc.
Company Profile
Worldwide Measurement. Control. Automation. Inventory. Tank Gauging. High Accuracy Tank Gauges. Inventory Management Systems. Float & Tank Tank Gauges. Parts. Training. Leak Detection. Tightness Testing. Service. Maintenance  varec.com
800 447 4828, 770 447 9202 (GA), 281 498 9202 (TX) 
  varghesefabricators India Fire Fighting Systems. Sprinkler Systems. Foam Systems. Erection. Commissioning.  varghese  914-172-2468 
  Veco Pacific, Inc. Worldwide Engineering/Design; Construction; Operations & Maintenance  veco.com  360-676-1500 
  Venus Valves and Engineering Works Worldwide Valves. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. Sluice. Reflux. Butterfly. Globe. Landing. Deluge. Alam. Fire Fighting Accessories. Sluice Gate. Hydrants. Pipe Fittings. Pipe. Flange Adaptors. Gear Boxes.  venusvalves.in  91-33-26531546 
  VERTEX ENTERPRISES Worldwide Maintenance Frre Earthing. Surge Protection. Advanced Lightning Arrestors. Exothermic Welding. Transformers up to 5 kVA.  vertexenterprises.in  +91 40 27133899  
  Viatran Corp Worldwide Liquid Level Instrumentation. Tank Level. Tank Gauge. Pressure Gauge. Flow Transmitters. Submersible. Absolute Differential Transmitters  viatran.com  716- 773-1700 
  Viking Pump Inc. (IDEX Corp.) Worldwide Rotary Gear & Lobe Pumps, incl. Magnetic Drive, for Transfer & Metering  vikpump.com  319-266-1741 
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