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Wink Engineering (aka Wink, Inc.)
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Worldwide Engineering, Design, Permitting, Structural, Architecture, Surveying, & Dock Construction. Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental, Civil, Structural, Specifications  winkinc.com
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Wyatt Field Service Company Southern United States and Caribbean Tank Erection. API 650. API 620. Field Erection. Construction. Modification. Tank Repair. Repairs. API 653 Inspection. Certified Inspectors. Storage Tanks. Fabrication  Wyattfieldservice.com
  W.L. Walker Co., Inc. Worldwide Sampling & Gauging Equipment. Thermometers. Hydrometers. Thieves. Tapes. Bobs. Tank Strapping. Calibration. Bottles  wlwalker.com  918-583-3109 
  W.O.M. Inc. Worldwide Ball Valves. Double Seal. Block & Bleed Meter Skid Valves. Manifolds. Pig Launchers & Receivers. ANSI Class 3. API 6D  www.womusa.com  832-465-6834 
  Waldemar S. Nelson & Co. Worldwide Environmental Consulting & Engineering  wsnelson.com  504-523-5281 
  Warner Nicholson Engin. Consult. Worldwide Marine Vapor Control; Third Party USCG; Certification  vaporcontrol.com  918-625-4472 
  Wasser High Tech Coatings, Inc. Worldwide Tank Coatings. Tank Linings. Pipe Coatings. Single Component Moisture-Cure Urethane. Paint. Corrosion  wassercoatings.com  253-850-2967 
  Water & Air Research, Inc. Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico Environmental Health & Safety. EH&S.; Groundwater. Petroleum Storage Tank Services. Tank Closure. Testing & Reporting. Remediation.. Water Use Permitting. Site Assessments. Wetlands. Uplands, Aquatic Systems. Industrial Hygiene. Planning.  waterandair.com  (800) 242-4927 
  Watermeters.com worldwide DLJ Meters Up To 500 mm. US Gallons or Cubic Meter Read Out. With or Without Pulsers  watermeters.com  (201) 487-7445 
  weam and company Ltd Worldwide Engineering. Design. Software. Training. Consulting.  www.weamandcompany.com  +234 (0) 84 235 216 
  Weamco-Metric/PMI Worldwide Meter Provers. Blending Systems. Pig Launchers. Lease Custody Transfer Units. Metering. Blending. Strainers. Corrosion Coupon Holders  weamco.com  800-331-3790 
  Weed Instrument Co. Worldwide Tank Temperature Measurement. Averging, Spot, & Multi-Spot RTD Sensors. Thermowells. Transmitters. Thermocouplers. Fibric Optics  weedinstrument.com  800-880-9333 
  WELTANCO Primarily S.E. & Gulf Coast Liner & Impressed Current Corrosion Systems. Tank Foundations. Ringwalls. Cathodic Protection. Secondary Containment  http://weltanco.home.att.net  281-496-5484 
  Wesmec Engineering pvt ltd. Worldwide Twin Ferrule S-Lok Tube Fittings. High Pressure Needle Valve. 2,3,5 Valves Manifold. Air Headers. Condensate Pots  wesmec.com  0091-22-24474812, 24444061 
  Westech Industrial Ltd. Worldwide In-Line Detonation & Deflagration Flame Arresters  westech-ind.com/flame.html  403-259-9711 
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