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  U S, Incorporated Nationwide Tank Cleaning. Barge Cleaning. Vessel Cleaning. Waste Disposal. Transportation. Vacuum Trucks. Bilge Water Disposal. Hazardous Waste Disposal. 24-Hour Emergency Response. Site Remediation. Groundwater, Asbestos, & Lead Abatement  usial.com  251-432-0775 
  U.K. Enterprises Jharia Nuts. Bolts. Bearings. Electrical Items.  Nonehttp://www.himachalgk.co.cc/2011/03/uk-enterprises.html  01792-234482 
  U.N.I. Engineering, Inc. Worldwide Engineering. Design. Terminal & Tank Farm Upgrades. Racks. Manifolds. API 653 Tank Inspection. CAD. Meter Stations. Dock Design. Pipe Analysis. Vapor Recovery Systems. Secondary Containment Evaluations. Professional Engineering Services. Permeability Stu  UNI-Engineering.com  609-448-4633 
  Uehling Instrument Company. Worldwide Liquid Level Gauges; Gauging. High/Low Alarms. Float, Ultrasonic & Pressure Switches. NEMA 4 & 7 Enclosures. Manometers & Barometers  uehling.com  (973) 742-8710 
  ultra precision tools and vessels India Stainless Steel Pipe, Piping. Plates. Steel Pipes. Flanges. Bars. Wires. Pipe Fittings  uptvpl.com  +91-9845491170 
  Ultraflote Corporation Worldwide Internal Floating Roofs, IFR. Geodesic Domes, Flat Panel Covers, & Seals. Design. Installation. Manufacturer  ultraflote.com  (713) 461-2100 
  UniPure Corporation Worldwide Desulfurization of Fuels. Emulsion Breaking. Sulfur Removal. Heavy Oil Upgrading  unipure.com  713-850-7215 
  UNIREX Corporation Nationwide Wireless Telemetry or Data Acquisition and Back Office Services, ERP, MRP  unirex.com  256-533-2388 
  Unistrut ManSafe Fall Protection Worldwide Fall Arrest Systems for Workers at Height. Lif Line. Rail Car. Tank Car. Tank Truck, Pipe Rack. Pipeline Manifold Rack. Rack Roofs. Dock Manifold. Canopies. Rack Canopy. Ladders. Dike Ladder. Berm. Specialty Applcations  unistrutconstruction.com  (905) 683-8131 
  Univeral Laser Technologies Inc. Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge Manufacturer  uselaser.com  888-873-6427 
  Universal Bolt Nut Ind India Bolts. Nuts. Studs. Screws. Foundation Bolts. Eye Bolts. Csk Head Nib Bolts. Liner Head Bolts. Fasteners  None  982-064-3029 
  Universal Ensco International Engineering. Project Management. Inspection Services  uei-houston.com  (713) 977-7770 
  Universal Industrial Group Nationwide Rigging and Piping  universalindustrial.com  800-331-5030 
  USellSurplus.Com Worldwide Surplus Equipment. Used Equipment. Hoses. Loading Arms. Couplers. Meters. Injectors. Valves. Pumps. Motors. Gauges. Racks. Fittings. Tanks. Keylock  usellsurplus.com  800-990-1513 
  UT PUMPS & SYSTEMS Pvt. LTD., India Worldwide Pumps. Pump. Pumping Systems. Screw Pump. Plunger Pumps. High Pressure Cleaning Systems. Tank Cleaning. Fluid Flow Engineering  None  (012) 922-5858 
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