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  E5 Commerce East Coast E-Commerce. Internet & Web Page Programming  None  610-585-5802 
  Eagle Specialized Coatings Canada Tank Coatings. Linings. Liners. Paint. Painting.. Water Proofing, Corrosion. Concrete. Thermal Control. Fireproofing, Anti-Graffiti  eaglecoatings.net  604-576-2212 
  Earth Tech Worldwide clement.mesavage@earthtech.com  earthtech.com  (804) 515-8496 
  Earth Technology, Inc. NY, NJ, PA, & New England Tank Cleaning. Hazardous Waste Transportation. 24-Hour Spill Response. Site & Groundwater Remediation. Marine Spill Response. Boom Deployment  earthtechnology.com  203-230-2040 
  Eastern Sun Engineering Nationwide Fabrication Works. Erection Works.  sd.  (093) 473-3519 
  Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines Worldwide Hot Tapping Machines. Welding. Hot Work. Pipelines. Piping. Branch Line Installations. Pressurized & Ambient Liquid Applications    303-722-7379 
  ECF, Inc. Nationwide Terminal Design. Engineering. Turn Key Project Management. Welding. Pipe Fabrication. Insulation. Hot Oil. Steam & Electric Tracing. Removable Insulation Covers  ecfinc.net  314-241-8500 
  Eclipse Environmental Solutions Nationwide Waste Management. Waste Disposal. Tank Bottoms. Tank Cleaning. Waste Recycling. Pigging. Transmix.. Product Contact Water. Oil/Water Separator. Transportation. Vacuum Trucks. RCRA Hazardous Waste. Non-Haz Waste. Remediation. Groundwater. Soil  eclipseenvironmental.com  866-337-3786 
  Eco-Tank Systems, LLC Worldwide AST Tank Monitoring Systems for Shell Leak Detection. Secondary Containment Alternative. Automated Fire Detection & Extinquishing Systems. Sensor Technology. Tank Bottom Leak Detection  eco-gtu.com  610-495-9583 
  Ed Martin and Associates, Inc. Worldwide Electronic Thermometers. Sampling & Measurement Devices. Surveryor. Oil Gauging Tapes. Tank Gauging. Dial Thermometers. Hydrometers. ASTM Testing Equipment. Closed System Tapes. Gauging Supplies  emaa.com  713-895-8188 
  EDM Services Nationwide Facility Design. SCADA. Pipelines. Stations. Regulatory. Cathodic Protection. PLC Programming. Leak Detection. Fiber Optics  edmsvc.com  805-527-1607 
  Edwards Engineering Worldwide Heating & Cooling Transfer Design. Vapor Recovery. Refrigeration. VOC & Solvent Recovery. Condensation. Condensate Return. Product Recycling. Heat Exchangeres.  edwards-eng.com  800-526-5201 
  EESIFLO Worldwide Flow Meters. Flowmeters. Utility & Ultrasonic Explosion Proof Flowmeters. Portable Clamp. Rental. Rentals. Flowmeter Pump Testing  eesiflo.com  866-337-4356  
  Efird Corrosion International Worldwide Corrosion Specialists. Professional Engineering Services. P.E. Corrosion Engineering. Corrosion Control. Testing & Consulting. Expert Witness for Corrosion Failure Analysis  efirdcor.com  281-296-8390 
  EGEMIN Worldwide Bulk Liquid Storage Automation. EvitaTM. Tank Inventory. Liquid Level. Valve Control. Engineering. Instrumentation. Electrical  egemin.com  (+32) 3-6411212 
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