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  Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC Worldwide Grating. Shaped Grating, Stair Treads.  oasismetal.net.ae  +971 4 347 2000 
  OCECO INC WORLDWIDE Pressure Relief (P/V) Vents. P/V Valves. Gauging & Swingline Equipment. Gauge Hatches. Water Drawoff Valves. Conservation Vents. Conservation Regulator. Manways. Fire Prevention  OCECO.COM  419-447-0917 
  Octal Systems Inc. Worldwide Flow Measurement. Flowmeter. Flow Meter. Automation. Level Gauge. Gauging. Inventory Management. Card Readers. Keypads. Gas Flow Computers. Audits  octal-systems.com  403-269-2740 
  OEC Fluid Handling, Inc. S.E. USA Shop Fabricated Storage Tanks. Pumps. Mixers. Flow Meters. Flowmeters. Tank Level. Liquid Level. Tank Gauge. Gauging. Fittings  sales@oecfh.com/  864-573-9200 
  Oilmeters.com Worldwide ABB/Kent Oil Meters. Flowmeters. Flow Meter. PD Meters  oilmeters.com  800-654-3733 
  Olive Worldwide Motor and Controls  None  86-022-83710806 
  Omicron Controls, Inc. Texas Liquid Level. Level Gauge. Tank Gauge. Gauging. Magnetostrictive. BS&W.; Interface . Temperature. Ultrasonic Transmitters. Switches. Turbine Meters. VOC Gas Analyzers  omicroncontrols.com  800-638-3799 
  Omni-Flow Computers, Inc. Worldwide Flowmeters. Flow Meter. Custody Transfer. Flow Computers. Controllers. Measurement. Electrical Engineering. Software  omniflow.com  281-240-6161 
  Omnitech, LLC Worldwide NACE & SSPC Certified Coating Inspection. AWS/CWI Certified Welding Inspection. NDT Inspection Service  teamomnitech.com  (337) 315-9503 
  OMNTEC Worldwide Liquid Level. Tank Gauge. Tank Gauging. Level Monitoring. Wireless Overfill Protection. Fill CheckTM. Fiberoptic Pipeline Interface Detection  innovative-sensor.com  (281) 828-1050 
  ONIS Line Blind Worldwide ONIS Lineblind. Block & Bleed Obtuator.  onislineblind.com  +33442929320 
  Onsite Technology LLC Worldwide Soil Remediation. Groundwater Remediation. Cleanup. Thermal Desorption. Recycling  onsite2.com  713-641-3838 
  OPW Engineered Systems (a Dover Resources Co.) Worldwide Loading Arms. Top & Bottom Loading Racks. Swivels. Sight Flow Indicators. Dry Breaks. Dryloks. Floating Suction. Kamloks. Sight Flow Indicators. Vapor Recovery. Swivel Joints. API Couplers  opw-es.com  800-547-9393 
  Orbit International Inspections Worldwide Third Party Inspection Services. Manpower Supply Worldwide. API 653/ API 650 Inspection Services  orbitinternationalgroup.com  00971-50-3509726 
  Orbit Valve Co (Div. of Cooper Cameron Valves) Worldwide Valves. Ball. Plug. Rotary. Gate Valves. Dual Seal. Manifolds. Tank Block. Metering. Flowmeters  camerondiv.com  501-568-6000 
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