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Paratherm Corporation
Company Profile
Worldwide Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermal Fluids. Hot Oils. Non-Fouling, Non-Toxic. Sludge-Resistant. Molasses. Product Heating. Palm Oil. Sulfur. Crude Oil. Engineering. Design. Heat Transfer   paratherm.com
Special Offer
  PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company L.P. Worldwide Petroleum Testing & Analysis Equipment for Fuel Composition, Flash Point, Color, Density, & Various Other Standardized Tests. Lab. Laboratory  paclp.com  713-590-7260 
  Pacific Northern Industrial, Inc. Pacific Northwest Pipe. Piping. Process Piping. Tanks. Vessels. Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection. Shop Fabrication. Mechanical Installation. Millwright Services  teampni.com  541-928-6950 
  Panametrics, Inc. (aka GE Panametrics) Worldwide Oxygen Analyzers. Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Flow Meter. Moisture Analyzers. Oxygen Analyzers  panametrics.com  800-388-2096 
  Parker Hannifin Corp., Seal Group Worldwide Seals. Packings. Gaskets. Sealing Systems  parker.com  949-851-3756 
  Patol Ltd. Worldwide Fire Detection. Heat Detecting Cable. Security. Infrared Monitors. Fire Prevention  patol.co.uk  0118 9701701 
  PBM, Inc. Worldwide Ball Valves. Rotor Valves. Sampling Valves. Flush Tank Ball Valves  pbmvalve.com  800-967-4726 
  PCA Engineering, Inc. Worldwide Cathodic Protection Engineering. Corrosion Evaluation. API 653 Inspection. Tank Inspection. 570 Inspection. Engineering. NDT. Internal Video  cpbypca.com  973-616-4501 
  PCMall Business Solutions Nationwide IT Solutions. Hardware. Software. Accessories. Technology Needs. IT.  pcmall.com  800- 555-6255 
  PCT Ltd Worldwide VA Flowmeters. Flow Meters. Turbine Meters, PD Meters. Ultrasonic. Nutating Disc. Control Systems  pctflow.com  (114) 413-5925 
  Peabody Engineering Nationwide Plastic Tanks, Valves. Track Pans. Secondary Containment. Level Transmitter. Ultrasonic  etanks.com  800-348-4408 
  Pelseal Technologies Worldwide Extreme Performance Joint Sealants. Adhesives. Caulks. Fluoroelastomer. Viton. Secondary Containment for Dikes  pelseal.com  215-497-1088 
  PENN PRO Engineering & Technical Services Nationwide Piping. Loading Racks & Terminal Modifications. Design. Engineering. Construction Management. CAD. Hydraulic Analysis  pennpro.net  863-648-9990 
  Perfect Services Madras Nationwide Flanges. Fittings. Pipes. Gaskets  None  091-044-5232500 
  Petrex, Inc. Worldwide Internal Floating Roofs. Tank Seals. External Roofs. Honeycomb. IFR. EFR. Oil Water Separators. Covers. Floating Roof Repairs. Seal Upgrades  Petrex.net  814-723-2050 
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