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Wink Engineering (aka Wink, Inc.)
Company Profile
Worldwide Engineering, Design, Permitting, Structural, Architecture, Surveying, & Dock Construction. Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental, Civil, Structural, Specifications  winkinc.com
Special Offer
  W.L. Walker Co., Inc. Worldwide Sampling & Gauging Equipment. Thermometers. Hydrometers. Thieves. Tapes. Bobs. Tank Strapping. Calibration. Bottles  wlwalker.com  918-583-3109 
  W.O.M. Inc. Worldwide Ball Valves. Double Seal. Block & Bleed Meter Skid Valves. Manifolds. Pig Launchers & Receivers. ANSI Class 3. API 6D  www.womusa.com  832-465-6834 
  Waldemar S. Nelson & Co. Worldwide Engineering; Project Management  wsnelson.com  504-523-5281 
  Wasser High Tech Coatings, Inc. Worldwide Tank Coatings. Tank Linings. Pipe Coatings. Single Component Moisture-Cure Urethane. Paint. Corrosion  wassercoatings.com  253-850-2967 
  Watermeters.com worldwide DLJ Meters Up To 500 mm. US Gallons or Cubic Meter Read Out. With or Without Pulsers  watermeters.com  (201) 487-7445 
  weam and company Ltd Worldwide Engineering. Design. Software. Training. Consulting.  www.weamandcompany.com  +234 (0) 84 235 216 
  Weamco-Metric/PMI Worldwide Meter Provers. Blending Systems. Pig Launchers. Lease Custody Transfer Units. Metering. Blending. Strainers. Corrosion Coupon Holders  weamco.com  800-331-3790 
  Weed Instrument Co. Worldwide Tank Temperature Measurement. Averging, Spot, & Multi-Spot RTD Sensors. Thermowells. Transmitters. Thermocouplers. Fibric Optics  weedinstrument.com  800-880-9333 
  WELTANCO Primarily S.E. & Gulf Coast Liner & Impressed Current Corrosion Systems. Tank Foundations. Ringwalls. Cathodic Protection. Secondary Containment  http://weltanco.home.att.net  281-496-5484 
  Wesmec Engineering pvt ltd. Worldwide Twin Ferrule S-Lok Tube Fittings. High Pressure Needle Valve. 2,3,5 Valves Manifold. Air Headers. Condensate Pots  wesmec.com  0091-22-24474812, 24444061 
  Weststar Contracting Worldwide Petroleum and Lubrication Equipment. Tanks and Pumps. Construction & Contracting Services  tempefuel.com  (877) 848-2408 
  Wholesale Hose Co. Worldwide Hose, Hose Couplings, Hose Assemblies  wholesalehose.com  504-737-6200 
  Willbros Engineers, Inc. Worldwide Engineering, Design, Management. Pipelines. Compressors. Pump Stations. Rail, Truck, Barge Facilities. Automation, Microwave, & Fiber-Optic Systems. Inspection  willbros.com  918-496-0400 
  William Saloy inc. Northeast Piping. Fabrication. Welding. 24/7 Emergency Service  saloy.com  516-742-8812 
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