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  U S, Incorporated Nationwide Tank Cleaning. Barge Cleaning. Vessel Cleaning. Waste Disposal. Transportation. Vacuum Trucks. Bilge Water Disposal. Hazardous Waste Disposal. 24-Hour Emergency Response. Site Remediation. Groundwater, Asbestos, & Lead Abatement  usial.com  251-432-0775 
  U.N.I. Engineering, Inc. Worldwide Engineering. Design. Terminal & Tank Farm Upgrades. Racks. Manifolds. API 653 Tank Inspection. CAD. Meter Stations. Dock Design. Pipe Analysis. Vapor Recovery Systems. Secondary Containment Evaluations. Professional Engineering Services. Permeability Stu  UNI-Engineering.com  609-448-4633 
  U.S. Tank Protectors Worldwide Cathodic Protection. Corrosion Control Engineering Services. Impressed Current Systems. Anodes. Rectifiers. Electrodes. Surveys. Cables  ustankprotectors.com  630-719-9754 
  U.S.B.S.I. Nationwide Confined Space Repairs. On-Line, High Temp/Temperature Hostile Environment Repairs  usbsi.com  800-824-8727 
  UCISCO, Inc. Nationwide Helium Leak Detection; Nitrogen Pumping/Purging  praxair.com  281-872-2188 
  Uehling Instrument Company. Worldwide Liquid Level Gauges; Gauging. High/Low Alarms. Float, Ultrasonic & Pressure Switches. NEMA 4 & 7 Enclosures. Manometers & Barometers  uehling.com  (973) 742-8710 
  UHP Projects, Inc. Nationwide Tank Coatings. Tank Linings. Surface Prep. Preparation. High Pressure Water Jetting. Paint. Linings. Tank Cleaning Waste Containment. Lead Abatement. Corrosion. Paint. Painting  uhpprojects.com  757-926-1890 
  UJALA ENGINEERING AND METAL WORKS Worldwide Pressure Vessels. Small Shop Built Tanks. Tank Erection. Sheet Metal.  ujalaengineering.com  022-25823919 
  ULS Valve Worldwide Butterfly, Gate, Knife Gate, Globe, and Check Valves  urbanlogicgroup.com  909-676-1944 
  Ultra Check, Inc. Nationwide Guide Pole Emission Control Systems  ultracheck.com  904-270-2709 
  ultra precision tools and vessels India Liquid Filters. Pressure Vessels. Fabrication & Welding.  uptvpl.com  +91-9845491170 
  Ultraflo Corporation Worldwide Butterfly Valves, Actuators  ultraflovalve.com  800-950-1762 
  Ultraflote Corporation Worldwide Internal Floating Roofs, IFR. Geodesic Domes, Flat Panel Covers, & Seals. Design. Installation. Manufacturer  ultraflote.com  (713) 461-2100 
  UltraTech International, Inc. Worldwide Tank, Drum, Truck, and Railcar Secondary Containment  spillcontainment.com  800-353-1611 
  UniPure Corporation Worldwide Desulfurization of Fuels. Emulsion Breaking. Sulfur Removal. Heavy Oil Upgrading  unipure.com  713-850-7215 
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