Paratherm Corporation
Paratherm Corporation manufactures Non-fouling, non-toxic, sludge-resistant Heat Transfer Fluids (Thermal Fluids, Hot Oils) used to trace lines and heat tanks and equipment containing viscous fluids such as molasses, palm oil, sulfur, crude and other heavy stocks from 30ºF to 650°F.

Unlike steam, these odorless fluids operate in non-pressurized thermal fluid heating systems and eliminate the possibility of corrosion and freezing. They are durable, providing precise, uniform heat and extended equipment life. The fluids are human safe, have passed rigorous Bioassay and are easily disposed.

The company provides expert advice on heat transfer fluid challenges -- from engineering and design assistance in the initial stages through system troubleshooting and fluid analysis after the system is in operation. Paratherm’s fluids perform successfully in over 5,000 applications in the US and overseas.