Prime Measurement Products, LLC
PRIME Measurement Products, LLC (formerly Barton Instrument Systems, LLC)

PRIME Measurement Products is a globally recognized manufacturer and supplier of highly accurate measurement devices for flow, level and pressure with refined expertise in level monitoring and control of bulk goods.

Serving the needs of tank farm operations, its 3500 ATG tank inventory system for above and underground tanks provides continuous monitoring of level, volume, corrected volume, mass, density, water bottoms and leak detection with unmatched accuracy. This system has been installed on over 1900 tanks at US airforce facilities with sustained operational efficiencies. It is well suited for such applications as jet fuels, gasoline, crude oil, kerosene, water tanks, oil tankers, breweries, chemical feedstock, to name a few.

Additionally, with over 1500 installations, TankScan®, a wireless direct level monitoring system with uni- and bi-directional RF data communication, is another state-of-the-art system for vendor-managed inventories. TankScan employs two distinct technologies, the MIR (micro-power impulse radar) and ultrasonic. Based on the type of fluid and its characteristics, this battery-operated system can be fitted for portable or stationary tanks as small as 24 inches to as tall as 20 feet. Applications include fuel distribution tanks, lubricant and chemical distribution tanks, production oil collection tanks, waste oil collection, petroleum production, ag-chemical distribution, and other small distribution terminals.

For your specific applications, do not hesitate to contact our technical support group at 800-291-3550, or 626-961-2547 or via email at

For over 75 years PRIME Measurement Products (formerly Barton Instrument Systems) has been providing superior and innovative measurement and control solutions to the various process industries and including the bulk liquid storage industry. PRIME's headquarters in the City of Industry, California, serves the measurement needs of its global direct sales force and independent representatives' network in the chemical, petrochemical, government, cryogenic and other process and non-process industries.